Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Another Hat

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..... or if life gives you daughters who need hats, your hats, make yourself new ones.
This pattern is from Cheryl Coville, and I bought it, together with this slipper pattern, anno BPC (before personal computers), if not before the birth of my youngest children, who are hat-snatching adults now.
Cheryl's patterns are well written and true to size, which I found out when I tried the partially finished hat on. As I dislike tight things on my head I had sewn the largest size, 24", for my 23" noggin, which was too large.

First fabric choices, from Connecting Threads, which I found too much like Cheryl's, didn't showcase enough of my favourite fabric, and made me worry about any possible future fading of the blue fabric right next to the blue yarn.

Contrary to the instructions I quilted only the top and the batting - I used Insulbright as I had just received my order from Sew-Sisters and was reminded of it's many uses other than for potholders - and then made a flannel liner.  By adding 1/4 inch to the panel pattern sides and 1/2 inch to the bottom I could eliminate the sewing-the-inside-sashing-strip-by-hand part as well as binding the hat edge. The blue flannel is not a perfect match, but my reasoning is that the knit band hides it  completely.
I was prepared to take the hat apart and resew the sashing strips a smidgen (1 inch divided by 12) from the panel edges, but am very glad I tried it with the knit band sewn on before, as the hat fits very nicely.

The yarn is the lovely Gloss DK in Winter Night, 70% Merino Wool and 30% Silk, from Knitpicks. I used a whole 50g ball for the nearly 6 inch band, knit in the round on 3.75mm needles in a simple 1/1 rib, but the knit stitches are knit twisted (knit in the back) which makes them stand out more. I had to use a sewn cast-off since I had knit a bit too far (and did not want to tink a needle or two...). That is a nice technique to know for such a case, but I find it a bit fiddly compared to the usual knit bind-off.
I am elated that I finally used Cheryl's pattern, love my new hat, and fervently hope it is too big for my daughters.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Just one hat?

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A young mother asked me for a hat for her 3 months old daughter, in grey/amethyste or yellow.
Anybody who surfs the web even just a little bit will see right away what a foolish demand that is. There are so many interesting patterns and tutorials that nobody can stop at just one hat......
without patterns, yarn Wool of the Andes Superwash from Knitpicks

modified from Schnabelina

pattydoo - ottobredesign
 The yellow hat is the reverse side of the pink one.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Special Order

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This quilt is for a special little person. Her mother let me make whatever I wanted, but asked for some fabrics to be included in the design (piggies, footprint fabric, bright colours). At the start I was going to make nine-piece blocks for the animals' blankies - quilts on a quilt - but the prints would have been lost on the small pieces.
36"x 48"
The animals are cut from flannel and appliquéd with zig-zag stitching, their faces are machine stitched. Some squares are flannel, some are cotton and the white ground is a cotton/polyester blend. I think the mix makes it interesting for little hands to explore.

The play-mat is mostly from flannels, with a remnant of fleece and some cottons added:
Here is the back, with my dog testing the slumber quality:

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Secret Sewing

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It seems that for a quite a while now I have been doing a lot of sewing, knitting, etc. that for one reason or another is not, or not immediately, blog-able. That trend does seem to continue with my next project. But our local exposition has passed, and I can now show what I made this winter.
This bed runner comes with two pillow shams and is for sale:
bed runner 25" x 82", sham 25" x 32"

One piece asked for was a crazy-quilt table runner, now also for sale:
15" x 46"

A cushion with I-cord edging to try out a new-to-me stitch, quite easy actually:

We asked for knit or crocheted dolls which were judged by the public, mine is knit and will go to a little boy soon, hope he will love him:
11" high

This crocheted cloche hat used up some leftover yarn, it is simply a hexagon that I started in the middle and crocheted without further augmentations once the circumference of the hexagon was the same as my head:

About this crocheted valence I have not much good to say. I don't like to do crochet much at the best of times, and doing it with fine cotton yarn is nowhere near a good time for me. Also I noticed at the end that the start (it is worked sideways) is worked a lot more loosely than the rest. Thankfully I can hide those rows behind the window drape.

Since I had quite a lot of leftover wool yarn I made the crocheted vest that was demanded. For the flowers and leaves I found a pattern, assembled them as best I could, crocheted the back sideways from the middle and added the darker stripes by working chain stitches over the piece. I am very happy that I used wool since the whole thing came out quite crooked but blocked really well. This one is for me!

The slippers were made from a pattern from Grandma Coco's Designs that I bought, by snail mail, long before the internet. That I didn't make them for so long is due to the fact that we are simply not a slipper-wearing family (try slipper-losing). And that I did not follow her instructions and piece them is due to the fact that I only made them for the exposition with no aspiration of winning (I participate because many volunteers work a lot to mount it). I have since then worn them a couple of times for nightly bathroom excursions and they are very comfy.

Although I am not a doily person I very much love this needle-tatted one in variegated blues. The pattern is not demanding, and has enough connection points between the different elements that it was a pleasure to make. I am not yet decided whether it will be for sale....

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Boxy Stars

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Even though I sew most days I haven't finished a quilt for a long time. Yesterday I put the final stitches in Boxy Stars, after the pattern from Bonnie Hunter. I am very happy with how it turned out, although I have to admit that my friend was right and a plain border would have been better.... At least I ought to have put in a plain border between the middle and the pieced border. Oh well, live and learn.
82" x 94"


Thursday, 19 May 2016

Une Veste

Tout en lainages recupèrés, voici une veste que j'avais cousu pour une amie:
devant - front

Here is a sweater-vest I have sewn for a friend, 100% from  recycled wool sweaters.
back - dos

Friday, 13 May 2016

Le sac de Lise

Une amie m'a permis de transformer un morceau d'étoffe tissé par sa mère en sac tout-usage. Je n'avais jamais vu cet combinaison de fils et laine.

A friend allowed me to transform a cloth woven by her late mother into a tote bag. I had never seen this combination of different yarns.

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Les Plateaux-une région tissée serrée

A women's group has asked us, the "Cercle des Fermières", to make some quilt blocks for an anniversary wall hanging. This is one I appliquéd after a member placed the houses. The roads are woven scraps - our cercle has many looms, and our region is known to be close knit, which translates as closely woven in french.
18" - 45cm
Centr'Elles nous (Cercle des Fermières) a demandé des carrés pour une courte-pointe qu'ils font pour leur anniversaire. Voici celui que j'ai appliqué après qu'une autre membre a placé toutes les maisons. Notre cercle tisse beaucoup, et notre région est connue pour être tissée serrée, alors ça prennait des retailles tissées pour faire les routes.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Baby necessities

Voici quelques serviettes d'épaule pour proteger les vêtements des personnes qui font faire le rot au nouveau-nés, et des bavettes avec attache-suces. En flanelette coloré, doublé de ratine absorbante.
Just a couple of burp clothes and pacifier bibs, colourful cotton flannel with absorbant terry cloth backing.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Baby knits

Two baby sets, the girl's vest is from Elizabeth Zimmermann's instructions, adjusted for a finer gauge. The yarn is Phildar folk in "Capucine" and "Persian". The booties are from an oldish German book, and the bonnet is knit without a pattern.
The boy's vest is from an old German instruction, knit sideways in a single piece. It finished quite small, and I think at that time knit baby clothes were perhaps not calculated to last as long as we expect them to do today with superwash wool etc. The yarn is Phildar Folk in "Edmonton".
La veste de fillette est d'après un patron d'Elizabeth Zimmermann, ajusté pour une laine plus fine, les instruction pour les chaussons viennent d'un livre allemand, et le bonnet est tricoté sans instructions. La laine est Phildar Folk "Capucine" et "Persan".
Le patron pour la veste de bébé-garçon vient d'un vieux livre allemand. La veste est tricoté de côté en une pièce en partant de l'avant. Elle est plus petit que les modeles d'aujourd'hui, probablement parce que les tricots ne durèrent pas très longtemps avant les laines lavables sans feutriner. Phildar Folk "Edmonton".

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

A gift idea for practically everybody

We all have cables, earphones and chargers which often get tangled and/or misplaced. Here is a simple way to keep them at hand. These organizers can be hung in a closet, on the side of a desk, or near an electrical outlet. To take them along they can be rolled and tucked into a handbag or bag pack, the zippered pouch keeps little item safe.

Nous avons tous des écouteurs, chargeurs et cables pour nos cellulaires etc., et d'habitude ces items n'ont pas de domicile fixe et sont difficile à trouver et demeler. Cet organi-cables s'accroche dans un placard, sur le côté d'un bureau ou même proche d'une prise éléctrique. Le tout s'enroule autour de la pochette zippé pour être facile à apporter dans une saccoche ou sac à dos.

Monday, 15 February 2016

Tactile book

Our local women's group has had a request from the school for a tactile book for a handicapped child. These pictures show what several members made:

Notre groupe de femmes s'est fait demander un livre sensoriel pour aider un enfant handicappé. Voici ce que plusieurs membres ont fait:

Saturday, 30 January 2016

A community quilt

Une groupe de membres du Cercle des Fermières de St.-François d'Assise a commencé aujourd'hui une courte-pointe. Les pièces pour le dos, la bourre et le devant pour 56 carrés sont taillé, et les premiers 10 carrés sont assemblés de la manière "quilt-as-you-go", c'est à dire piqué au fur et à mésure d'être assemblé.
A group of members of the Cercle de Fermières de St.-François d'Assise started on a quilt-as-you-go project today. Most of the cutting for 56 blocks is done, and the first 10 blocks are finished.

10-stitch circular vest

Not the best pictures (my photographer was a bit impatient), but a lovely vest just for me. This started with a video from nadelspiel.       
Voici ma veste tricoté en bandes de 10 mailles, inspirée par nadelspiel. Mon photographe était un peu impatient, alors les photos ne la montrent pas à son meilleur.....

Monday, 25 January 2016


This magazine rack, a thrift shop find, has become a very portable knitting basket:

Ce porte-revue, trouvé dans un magasin second main, est devenu un panier à tricot très portable: